Saturday, 12 June 2010

Fun at Chelsea 2010

It's been far too long since my last post, things are so busy with one thing and another here. Chelsea is now almost a distant memory, but thought I'd pop up some photos of our time down there. We had a complete blast - being inside the showground for the build up was an amazing experience, it was good to see we weren't the only ones that were last minute and a bit disorganised. Here's the first few days:
The perspex screen goes up and the wind filtering barriers are installed and working, these look lovely when they turn slowly via a remote control.
Help! It's raining!
The plants start to go in. It's much harder than we think to make the planting look naturalistic.
And the green roof goes on.
The back screens get their lovely graphics added. Very proud as it's my husband's done the art work for them despite not even knowing what an Alder tree is.
After 9 days on site and many many long days we are done. Huzzah!
Getting to stay late on the Tuesday night for the parties was great fun. Swanned around the other gardens, blagging some nice food & free bubbly.
When we got a chance we had a peek at how everyone else was doing. Watched the folks on the Japanese garden brushing moss with paintbrushes. Now that's dedication.
Favourite time of day was first thing in the morning:
Before this happens:
Anyway, it's back to life up in Edinburgh now, time to catch up with all the design projects that have been going on since I left for the adventure in London. The students have all finished their exams, assessments are all marked and they are off to try & make their own way in the design world. I feel incredibly lucky to have been involved with them and their vision. Now all I need to do is figure out if I'll ever do one of my own...!