Friday, 5 February 2010

Primary School Eco Garden Project.

Thought I'd write a little about this project that I got involved with a couple of years ago when I first started as a designer. It's a primary school in the central belt of Scotland, who had a 2 acre piece of land beside their school that laid mainly unused (for occasional sports day). Coupled with that was their membership of the Eco Schools project ( where they wanted to adopt the healthy eating, recycling, wildlife awareness and other categories into their everyday schooling. 
The children at the school had a competition to draw what elements they'd like in the garden, and these along with great input from the teachers involved gave me a design brief containing the following:
- education (an outdoor classroom, with a covered roof and seating for about 25)
- growing (raised beds for vegetable/herbs, container gardening, bulbs, orchard)
- recycling (composting bins, greenhouse built from plastic bottles, water collection)
- wildlife and biodiversity (wildlife habitats, bird feeders & houses, nectar rich planting, organic gardening, large  wild-flower meadow)
- healthy eating (growing produce that children could eat, picnic tables, orchard to eat from)
- play (space for sports day, willow maze, treasure hunts, growing the tallest sunflower)

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