Thursday, 18 February 2010

New build starts today.

Well, here we are, second build of the year. First one went swimmingly well, and finished a few days early so we were able to get started today rather than next week. It was a client who I did a design for late last summer. After an extension to their house the builder added a stone terrace & steps which ran along the length of the house. The rest of the garden was lawn. Although the terrace was in a good position, it was very dominant. So the brief was to retain as much of this terrace to allow seating for 6 people and a place to dry clothes, but to add a place to enjoy the evening sun (in the far corner), raised planters, some moving water, keep some lawn and link the various elements together too.
So I cut into the patio at several points - a combination of planting in the ground at the lower (grass) level and raised rendered block planters make the shape a bit more interesting and helps integrate it with the rest of the garden. There is a shallow step off it onto the lawn. A west facing hardwood deck with block and wooden topped seating will be built in the corner. It's backed by a higher block planter which acts as a backrest and provides yet more height interest. A steel water blade and pool will be sited near this seating area, and a large stainless steel water ball reflects light in the opposite, more shady corner. A curvy organic shaped lawn finishes it all off.

All marked out today, foundations start getting dug tomorrow.

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