Saturday, 20 February 2010

Somewhere over a rainbow...

Ian sent me a link today to a web based application from Adobe called Kuler - it's for generating colour schemes (from either a single base starting colour or even an uploaded photograph). People also post colour themes that they've come up with on their which you can save on your list of favourites. I was a bit confused at first about what it was for, but have been playing with it for a couple of hours (yes I do know it's sad on a Friday night) to try to figure it out. As an avid Photoshop user I was interested to see that it allows you to add the saved themes as swatches in there and also in Illustrator and Flash, so loads of uses of it from there. Not exactly sure what I can use it for yet, but it sure was fun looking at everyone else's samples and playing with some of my own. I searched for Scandinavian themed ones and got the first of these.
I then uploaded a couple of photos with plants and flowers in, the software is clever enough to choose the dominant colours in the image and you can choose or alter these as you see fit. The planting combo I posted on the 8th of February with Japanese Bloodgrass and other dark coloured plants turned out like this:
And the Bunny Tail grasses and Catanache like this:

Couple of other nice ones:
Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with all the piles of combinations I've created. If you too want to waste hours and hours of your time then the Kuler website can be found at:

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Rosalind Rosewarne said...

VERY kule :)

Thanks for posting this