Sunday, 14 February 2010

Gardens of Vladimir Sitta

I was lucky enough to get a lovely gift from him indoors today, which was a book about Vladimir Sitta's work - a Czech born designer/architect who has been working in Australia for years (since the 1980s I think). He came to my attention a year or two back, and I was lucky enough to see him present at the Society of Garden Designers Conference a few years ago. His body of work is inspiring, his use of materials and the way he plants is right up my street. One day I'd like to get a chance to work on projects as amazing and challenging at these.
It's full of beautiful photos of his completed projects and his designs & drawings (or doodles as he calls them). It's interesting to see his finished designs, black and white and in amazing detail. One of my favourite elements he uses are the curvy decks that double up as sun loungers, and his repeated use of stripped black bamboo is 

I'd highly recommend and encourage people to buy it!

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